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december 2006

so this is the main reason you're here. the music. 'cause let's face it, my bio really isn't that interesting...

thank you to everybody that came out to see my show at the AMBiENT PiNG, it was wonderful to see so many of you there! unfortunately i didn't get a recording of the show, but i do have some recordings from my rehearsal sessions which you can download and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. you can even pretend that there's a little clone of me in your stereo playing these songs live... or maybe not. actually that's kind of a scary idea... anyway, you can download the tracks here;

ping rehearsals aug 17th 2006 part a
ping rehearsals aug 17th 2006 part d

and here's a song i rehearsed but didn't actually play due to some sound issues (which are apparent in the mp3, but y'know, it's still kinda cool...)

ping rehearsals aug 17th 2006 part b

members of my mailing list can download the "lost" soundtrack to "The Beauty of Industry" from the members only download page. this disc was previously released through mp3.com in 2001 and was forgotten until i came across some higher quality mp3s i had hidden away in a shoebox. it's a series of glitchy noisy stuff inspired by a limited release film about robots in love, and i suppose that it fits in nicely as a bridge between my work as mara's torment and my side project metro starman. before that sends you running to the hills, i think that it's actually a much better representation of what i had intended to do with the metro starman disc...

in addition to "The Beauty of Industry" there are also some other "lost" tracks taken from the same era, silly little experiments that may appeal to some of you.

if you aren't already a member of my mailing list you might want to sign up to ensure that you get access to all the free stuff i offer there. you never know what might pop up...

free download tracks for december 2006

a track taken from a recent almost live online performance
part i
copyright rik maclean 2006
join my mailing list to download the rest of this live show! it's free and you can get lots of exclusive free stuff!

edited samples from january 2006 exclusive members only tracks
copyright rik maclean 2005

live from darkrave november 2005
copyright rik maclean 2005

almost live show from Live365 nov 30th 2005
almost live nov 30 part 1
almost live nov 30 part 2
almost live nov 30 part 3
almost live nov 30 part 4
all songs copyright rik maclean 2005

rehearsals from AMBiENT PiNG show oct 2005
rehearsals oct 25 part 1
rehearsals oct 25 part 2
rehearsals oct 25 part 3
rehearsals oct 25 part 4
all songs copyright rik maclean 2005

rehearsals from AMBiENT PiNG show aug 2005
rehearsals aug 16 part 1
rehearsals aug 16 part 2
rehearsals aug 16 part 3
rehearsals aug 16 part 4
all songs copyright rik maclean 2005

live tracks taken from the AMBiENT PiNG mar 2005
all songs copyright rik maclean 2005

live tracks taken from the AMBiENT PiNG oct 2004
all songs copyright rik maclean 2004

live tracks taken from the cabbagepatch sept 2004
Cabbageworld part 1
Cabbageplanet part 2
planetCabbage part 3
Saurkrautworld part 4
all songs copyright rik maclean 2004

in addition to the tracks above there is also almost two hours worth of material in the members only password protected page. sorry, what's that? you can't access the members only password protected page? no problem, you just need to become a member of the mara's torment mailing list, and you can become one by sending an email here. once you're a member you'll get all the info that you need to hear the exclusive material.

of course some people aren't interested in joining my evil legion of zombie followers, i can deal with that, and in a showing of good faith i've left links to a number of live mp3s on the index page of the site. feel free to download 'em and tell your friends about 'em...

(i'll also take this opportunity to let you know that there are a few more mp3s you can download on my page at soundclick and on my garage band site. (if you give me a nice review there i'll love you forever...) i also have a few songs up at myspace.com which is where i usually post new material to see what people think of it.

still here? interested in hearing some more stuff?

following is a list of links leading to pages about each of my releases to date featuring song samples, album artwork, notes about the albums they appear on and comments about the songs presented here. some of the pages even have reviews linked to them. AND if you're interested enough to buy something there are cute little paypal buttons to press...

all samples are about one minute long. you'll need RealPlayer Version 4.0 or higher and at least a 28.8 connection for audio streaming of the samples. download RealPlayer free!

( reckless verbiage )

( mara's torment live at darkrave sept 2003)

( secrets + lies )

( body music )

( secret music )

( chill )

( secrets and lies )

( the last night is the hardest )

( the nomad mixes v2.02 )

( obscurata v2.02 )

( the barrier of skin )

( across for show )

( dreams like mine )

exclusive curve remix!!!

an exclusive mix of Curve's Unreadable Communication remixed by mara's torment is available for your listening pleasure. check it out...

( unreadable communication )

unreadable communication written by Halliday/Garcia, used with permission.