mara's torment live at darkrave sept 2003

'kay, i just want to stop and comment on the fact that this release would certainly imply my imagination seems to be failing, at least in terms of titles. even more so, it would appear that my memory is failing me too, 'cause the show was actually in august of 2003. but i won't change it 'cause i've already printed labels and stickers and all that stuff. so it will be one of those silly errors that takes on a life of it's own.

( nostalgia (the past) )

( say goodbye now, i'm done )

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mara's torment live at darkrave sept 2003 notes

this release captures a bunch of edited songs taken from the things i did for a chill out room at the august 2003 edition of darkrave, which truly is one of my favorite gigs to play.

the songs were written with the idea of creating a space to kinda sorta groove to, an area where one could chill out and relax (which is of course the idea behind every chill out room, d'ohhhh!), so i went with the idea of something with very relaxed grooves, lo-tempo sounds, stuff that repeats and flows around itself, that kinda thing. i liked the idea of creating something that was kind of hypnotic, trance inducing, and i think it worked out pretty well. the response to the songs was very positive, and maybe it was just the E, or maybe they really did like it, but i saw more than a few people dancing to my stuff, which is a rare delight, and a real thrill for me...

nostalgia (the past) is yet another song that has been floating around for some time, and has taken on a number of shapes and forms. it's still in progress i think, but this version seems to be the closest that i've gotten to what i hear in my head for the song.

say goodbye now, i'm done is just one of those things that came together for the show. i think that it captures the aesthetic i was going for quite well.