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mara's torment Podcast sampler

updated december 16th 2006

if you're here, you might well be asking "what's a podcast and why do you want one featuring me?" podcasting is a process where you can sign up to receive content like mp3s directly in your iPod or any other music device that handles RSS or Atom Syndication (most players have this as a standard feature, though i figure most of you use iTunes anyway...)

so in an effort to keep up with current technology and trends in musical coolness, i've created a mara's torment Podcast that you can subscribe to. i'll be uploading new tracks each month which will automagically download to your iPod for later listening enjoyment.

but what if you don't have an iPod? no problem! if you sign up with your email address in the handy little box below you'll receive an email whenever the podcast is updated with a link to where you can download the podcast and listen to it on your computer. groovy huh?

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by the way, some of you have contacted me saying that you weren't able to access the podcast through iTunes using the URL i sent out last month. that's because i'm an idiot. the URL you should be using for the mara's torment sampler podcast is


just copy that into iTunes and select "Subscribe to Podcast" from the Advanced menu and you're good to go. any further questions, feel free to email me.

detailed information for the december 2nd 2006 track listing is as follows;

all the stars in the sky [00:00]

... and night [@07:55]

almost live april 06 part ii [@14:08]

almost live april 06 part iii [@28:45]

almost live april 06 part iv [@34:16]

almost live april 06 part v [@45:39]

Thr33 [@01:02:00]

nostalgia (the past) [@01:09:26]