secret music

secret music is a collection of songs inspired by a performance for a fashion show.

( breathe )

( swing )

if you'd like to buy a copy of secret music, you can order it for $10CAN through paypal

or you can contact me if you'd like to pay by cheque.

secret music notes

secret music is an example of one of those albums that just sort of pours out of you in just a few sittings. I had been invited to play incidental music for a fashion show which would require about two to three hours worth of stuff. I figured that I could use some of the songs I did for the Darkrave show, and maybe come up with one or two new pieces to make it a little different.

i ended up writing about an hours worth of new material in just under a week, all with the idea of creating something that would work in a different kind of environment than what I normally perform in. I wanted to write songs that were kinda chill, kinda trippy, kinda hypnotic, and I think that I was pretty successful. I'm really pleased with how this one came out, and as I type this in January 2003, I'm looking at the possibility of releasing it more formally in June of 2003.

the song Breathe sampled above totally encapsulates what I was going for with the songs that would make up this album. It has a certain sound to it that fits in with the idea of a different kind of space, and I really like the offbeat percussion, and most of all the breathing sample. I love this song. I played it during the fashion show portion of the night, and it got a few really positive comments afterwards which was really nice.

swing is just that, something swingin' that was totally different in tone to what I usually do. It was fun to do, and I'm really pleased with how it came out. Something about it reminds me of models sashaying down the runway, twirling about, which is exactly what they did that night. Sigh, isn't it nice when fantasy meets reality?