reckless verbiage: a collection of genre experiments

reckless verbiage is, as the title suggests, a collection of genre experiments that i wrote for a performance at the Catalyst festival here in Toronto in August of 2003.

( deep longing )

( loungetude )

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reckless verbiage notes

rather than writing for a conceptual piece as a whole, reckless verbiage was written as a bunch of songs trying a few different styles. i was doing a chill out room for a show in the summer and most of the bands playing were more high energy kinda stuff so i thought i should try and match that idea, at least in some capacity. so i decided to try and do some drum 'n' bass kinda stuff. which, if you saw the show or you heard the disc, wasn't quite as successful as i would have hoped it would be. it's still interesting to me as an attempt, as an exercise, and i'm pleased with some of the results even if they weren't what i intended, but overall it's a lesson learned that i still have alot of room to grow.

deep longing was an effort to create something with a sense of movement while standing still, sort of the feeling of a plane or trane passing through new scenery, new areas. i like the way it turned out, it has that sense of travel that i wanted so that's okay...

loungetude is a piece i've explored before and updated for the catalyst show. it has a really slick vibe that i particularly enjoy, a sense of sloooooow development that works really nicely. i'm pleased with the way this one turned out.