dreams like mine

regrettably, I haven't got a copy of the artwork for dreams like mine suitable to put up here. I'll look into getting one, 'cause it's a really nice cover done by Suzette Cooper...

( foam )

( musing )

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dreams like mine notes

dreams like mine was my first cd, and as with most things, you always remember your first. There's nothing like cracking open that cardboard box and holding your very own CD for the first time. It's pretty awesome. And though I feel really distant from the songs on DLM these days, it'll always have a special place in my heart. Well, I mean, all of my music has a special place in my heart, but this one has a special Special place in my heart.

it's also special in that it's the first time I recorded with the XP80. I'd been working with a Roland JW50 to this point, and though it's a good workable board, I outgrew it pretty quickly. The XP80 was much more sophisticated, had the possibility of greater sound manipulation, better functions, and a greater potential for expansion. I lusted after it for about six months, and finally I bought it on boxing day, and I remember it was crazy heavy to carry home. As soon as I walked in the door I ripped it open and started playing with it immediately (I'd played the display unit at the store so many times I was already pretty familiar with it), at which point my friend Nat called me, and I played all 500 odd patches for her over the phone. I dunno if she was as interested as I was... Anyway, within about a month I had the songs ready for recording, and sure enough they became the first CD.

foam is the first track on the first cd, and that should be distinction enough as to why I've included a sample of it here.

musing is another song that appeared on The Penny Collector and got redone for this disc. I think that I like this version more than the first. This one is a little more full, a little more expansive...

these are some of the comments made about dreams like mine

"mara's torment has succeeded in creating the perfect soundtrack for those late night sessions of introspection to which we all succumb."
- Carnell/ Carpe Noctem

"dreams like mine is a beautiful album in it's entirety, and any lack of effort to acquire this would surely be an inexcusable mistake."
DJ Antithesis /Playlist Review

"it's beautiful compositions mesh perfectly with a natural backdrop of the earth cleansing and revitalizing it's teaming variety of life almost like it was meant to be a soundtrack."
- Chris Christian/ Sonic Boom Online Reviews

"melodic, moody, ambient electronic music, which is both inspirational and scary...well worth checking out."
- Simon Perkin/Electrotrauma

"maclean has captured this unfiltered music brilliantly on his first CD."
- Karen Collins/ Effigy

"dreams like mine is one of the finest instrumental electronic pieces I have ever heard. Rik MacLean has outdone himself on this one; this is a true masterpiece."
- Scott Mallonee/ Grinding into Emptiness