body music

body music is a collection of remixes and new songs designed as a companion to the secret music release.

( invitations and seductions remix )

( secret music remix )

if you'd like to buy a copy of body music, you can order it for $10CAN through paypal

or you can contact me if you'd like to pay by cheque.

body music notes

i hadn't really expected anything to come to me so quickly after secret music, but I was inspired by some new sounds, and I got it into my mind that it might be fun to reinterpret some of the songs I'd been working on recently.

what had originally started as a joke turned into something that worked quite effectively, and I've since become quite fond of the outcome despite the fact that it's not really a very serious representation of my work. Knowing that, it'll prolly become my biggest hit ever, and it'll be the disc that everybody sees as being the ultimate Mara's Torment release. Ah well, that wouldn't be so bad, Like I said, I've become quite fond of it.

the version of Invitations and Seductions presented here is a remix that I'm particularly happy with, and has fast become one of my favorite songs of mine. It has a certain sexy sound to it. Actually the whole disc does, but this one in particular has a sultry energy to it, something that works really nice, really seductively. I imagine a lot of people will get down to some sweet lovin' during this track. Okay, well, maybe one or two...

i also really like this version of Secret Music. It just sounds neat, and I really like the way the introduction kinda fades in. I'm pretty pleased with it.