the nomad mixes v2.02

( of stars and wishes (bloodredroses mix) )

( you watching me )

obscurata v2.02 was previously for sale through mp3.com and is no longer available.

the nomad mixes v2.02 notes

in between the release of my first and second cassettes, my friend Chris decided that it'd be cool to do some remixes for me. And so over the course of the next year he did five of them that would become The Nomad Mixes. They were pretty radically different from anything I'd ever done to that point, with crunchy guitars and kung fu hip hop samples and didn't sound anything like anything I'd have ever done on my own. I loved them but releasing them wasn't really very feasible financially, so they sorta sat around until I joined mp3.com where I promptly made a DAM CD of them. v2.02 is an updated version of that CD with better artwork and a few additional songs that I remixed on my own as well as a few songs in keeping with the tone of the disc that didn't really fit in anywhere else.

the Bloodredroses mix was the first time I ever released a reinterpretation for Of Stars and Wishes, which is one of my favorite songs to play live. It's grown and mutated over the years since it's writing, and it remains a staple in the live set for me. This version is kinda tech-y, alot more dance oriented than the norm. The Cure have A Forest, David Bowie has Jean Genie, and I have Of Stars and Wishes. Oh God, I can't believe I'm so arrogant as to make that comparison...

you watching me is just one of those songs that sounds kinda neat. I dunno. I just like it. It's the second of two parts, the first being (you guessed it) me watching you. They provide a framework for the rest of the songs in the disc, setting a tone that's a little different from all the other releases I've done.