obscurata v2.02

( sweep (early version) )

( flange (early version) )

obscurata v2.02 was previously for sale through mp3.com and is no longer available.

obscurata v2.02 notes

okay, first things first, is obscurata even a word? I really don't know, but for the last two years I've been convinced that it is, and that it'd make a great title for a collection of rarities and 'lost' tracks. And now it is. This is the second version of obscurata, updated to include better cover art, and a more interesting selection of songs covering the time from my first cassette release up to this past summer's Secrets and Lies Ep.

the version of Sweep on this disc represents the blueprint for the Mara's Torment sound to come. It first appeared on my second cassette release The Penny Collector, and then later in a different version on the first CD Dreams Like Mine. The version here is taken from The Penny Collector, and was used as background music during concert announcements on a radio station in Waterloo for some time, or so I've been told, 'cause I never heard it myself. Apparently I'm HUUUUUGE in Waterloo. Can't walk down the streets there without getting mobbed for autographs and propositioned for sex. I'm HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE in Waterloo.

flange is another song that appeared on both The Penny Collector and Dreams Like Mine. At the time of it's writing I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted MT to sound like, so much of those early songs were exercises in trying to make something that sounded cool. Flange is an example of doing just that, where I had the brilliant idea of making a song based around the idea of drums going through a flange, hence the clever title. At the time I was having alot of trouble getting around the idea of working with percussion (some would say I still am) and I used to try and hide alot of that by either heavily processing them, or leaving them out completely, which is something that would become a big part of the later MT sound.