secrets and lies

secrets and lies was never released with any cover art. instead it came out with a printed face in a clamshell case. so simple and so enticing to the consumer, it was yet another mt product that got bought 'cause it looked cool...

( seductions from across a crowded room )

( soleta )

secrets and lies is out of print in it's original EP form, but a new, updated version has been released that you can find out more about here.

secrets and lies notes

so while i was working on the last night is the hardest, while i still thought i could finish it, i made arrangements with a friend to have a booth to sell it at the synthpopgoestheworld festival here in toronto this past summer. see, i figured it'd be a great spot to get some sales, reach a few people, all that kinda stuff. but as you may know if you've read the last night is the hardest write-up, that disc was never meant to be, which meant that i had a spot to promote something, but nothing to promote...

so i whipped together secrets and lies. i had a few songs lying around that i didn't know what to do with, and i wrote a couple of new songs, and voila! i had something new to sell.

seductions from across a crowded room is the first remix of invitations and seductions. simple, to the point, and effective.

soleta is one of those drum songs. and surprisingly this one works. what does soleta mean? i really can't remember...