chill is a CDr release of some of the songs i played during an 8 hour set at toronto's monthly darkrave event in september 2002.

( a new language )

( the hierarchy of emotions )

interested in buying a copy of chill? it's only $10CAN.

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chill notes

chill is a collection of songs edited down from a set i played in a chillout room. have you noticed how clever my titles are? anyway, i had about eight hours worth of material that i wrote for the evening and this is a sample of some of it.

a new language is a piece that i enjoy for it's hypnotic nature. there's something i really like about the way it sorta burbles and flurbles at the edge of your consciousness, lulling you into some sort of weird dreamstate. i like that feeling in a song, and whenever i can do it, i feel like i've accomplished something.

the hierarchy of emotions is similar in tone, but it has a little bit more of an active component, a little more movement. it has a deceptive simplicity to it, but if you listen closely you'll find that there's a lot more under the surface.

can you tell that i'm totally hooked on the DVD audio commentary feature?