secrets + lies

secrets + lies is a re-issue of the secrets and lies EP from last summer, along with a few new songs that i wrote for the fetish cares event in Toronto.

( hope springs eternal (short) )

( invitations and seductions (fetish) )

if you'd like to buy a copy of secrets + lies, you can order it for $10CAN through paypal

or if you'd like to pay by cheque you can contact me.

secrets + lies notes

i was scheduled to do a charity show for the AIDS Committee of Toronto called Fetish Cares, and i wanted to write some new stuff for my performance. it had been suggested that i try something a little bit more uptempo to be in keeping with the other acts that evening, and since i believed in the cause so strongly, i was happy to oblige. and so i came up with about half an hour of new music which is of course captured here. it's mostly new stuff, but there is a rather fast version of invitations and seductions (cause i really like that song and i think it works well in most contexts...) and another remix that i threw in.

i was quite pleased with the sound of the new stuff, and it got a really positive reaction, so i decided to release it in some limited capacity, but i wasn't so sure i wanted to put it out as an ep. which led me to looking at other stuff i'd done trying to figure out a way to link it together with something else. and it wasn't long before i stumbled on the idea of putting it together with my ep from last year secrets and lies. i found the new songs to be very much in keeping with the theme of SAL, and when i listened to them together it worked really well in my mind. and voila! secrets + lies (ie secrets and lies PLUS a little bit more) was born.

hope springs eternal (short) was a piece that i've fooled around with for a while now, and was finally able to beat into a reasonable shape and form for performance. there's a longer version of it on mara's torment live at darkrave as well.

invitations and seductions is a song that is constantly going through changes and growth. the version presented here is a much faster, beat oriented sound, much more aggressive than previous attempts. i think it works okay...